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The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

So why are marketing departments so often out of touch with the sales team? The mail reason is that marketing professionals believe that great marketing is all that is needed to drive sales. Although great marketing is necessary to assist sales, traditional buyers do not make buying decisions from marketing and advertising alone. This strategy can sometimes work well in the B-to-C world, but rarely in B-to-B marketing. And since many B-to-B marketing executives cut their teeth in the B-to-C world either as assistant brand managers or marketing coordinators who then make the transition to B-to-B where they try to follow the wrong set of rules. The majority of B-to-B sales require sales people and a sales process. In this type of an environment, the marketing team's role should be to provide sales tools to the sales team. Unfortunatly, the marketing departments are often too busy thinking about branding, direct response and website traffic to realize that what the sales team really could use is a great case study or a detailed products and services brochure.

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